As artists, we are interested in exploring what happiness is and how we can give to it more space in society. The meeting between you and our thoughts leads to an event or maybe a museum of happiness?

How do we improve our quality of life? Can we imagine a better life? Can we actively change that?

Our ambition is to gather as many thoughts as possible about quality of life based on Mullsjöbor’s daily life in order to later figure out something that can bring happiness to many.

What kind of quality of life-enhancing activity would you like to contribute to, or participate in?
We would love to hear what you think can be done?

Below you will find a number of aspects that can be important for highlighting the essence of what happiness is, but also in how happiness arises. The aspects are just examples you may like to supplement with your own descriptions. Each aspect can have one or more intersections. The important thing is that you start from how you relate to the questions. The survey is anonymous.



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